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Yesterday, this livejournal became a teenager!
A lot has changed in that time!
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My liveurinal is 10 years old today!
I just wanted to note that.

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Current Location: US, Florida, Miami Beach, Miami-Dade, Espanola Way, 495

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FANLESS.com has been pretty much the same since 2001. Today it is different!
Pick a link and click on it. They should all go to the same place. If you want to read my freshest of fresh stuff, that's where you should go.


Also, you should add fanlessdotcom to your liveurinal friends. And if you REALLY want to stay on top of things, then add fanlesscomments too.

Please leave me tons of comments and stuff there so I feel cool!

Or if you're going to take them, at least say thanks or give me some props or make a link that says "I stole this picture from FANLESS.com" or SOMETHING!
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As a matter of fact, yes... I took that picture on CNN.com!Collapse )
It's really weird to see my name there. It makes me smile. I think I'm actually proud! I wonder if I could have made the picture better if I actually tried, instead of being like "This is crazy! I'm going home!!"
I'm mostly glad my camera didn't succumb to the elements, like my camera did last year when taking hurricane pictures.
A picture I took on Miami Beach as Hurricane Katrina hit landfall. As seen on CNN.com
An unidentified observer watches the approaching storm on August 25 on South Beach in a photo by Christian Calzadillas.
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About 3 weeks ago I made this post, which included some pics from Brandon's birthday party at Hooters. I think I forgot to link to the rest of the pictures from that weekend.
So here we have, 355 pictures from a weekend in West Palm!
And if you're too lazy to click through those, here are 14 pictures with some captions!Collapse )
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So there I am, riding down Washington on my way to work. There has been a lot of construction on Washington avenue for a couple of months now, and it's a real mess. I usually ride in the street because the sidewalks are really narrow now. I get to about 14th street (I think... I can't really remember.) and the traffic is stopped. There were maybe 5 or 6 cars stopped behind one of the electric buses. I decided to take the sidewalk just because there was so much commotion. At first I thought that they were all stopped at a red light, but then I noticed that the bus was stopped in the middle of the block, so I figured maybe it had broke down/lost its charge/something. Then I saw a cop car pulling up and I could hear 2 or 3 more sirens in the distance. I was like, OH, COOL! Must be a drug bust or something!! I stopped and got my camera out. Some people were stopping and looking at the bus. I'm looking at the bus too and waiting for something to happen. And then I see someone walk over to the rear of the bus and I see a fucking guy laying there all bloody and stuff.

I was like... HOLY SHIT I SHOULD DO SOMETHING!! and I didn't mean take pictures of the injured guy. I was thinking that I should go help the guy up or something and I'm wondering why nobody is doing anything. I didn't even realize that the guy was UNDER the bus' tires until someone said "Yo, dawg... We got a big loader coming to lift it off of him." Some people grabbed some plywood that was laying around to create some shade for the guy, but that meant I couldn't see him/take more pics.

Then the ambulance shows up.

And you know you're fucked up when the rescue guy has to do this!! (actually, not really. I think they do that even if you just have a bloody nose.)

And then the loader shows up...

...and of course they make the black guy that drove the loader from who knows where give up the controls to the white guy, because we can't have a black guy be the hero. And then a big ladder truck pulled up and parked between the sidewalk and the guy under the bus. No more pictures of the rescue, I guess. what else is going on??

CSI:MIAMI! I guess Speedle didn't really die when he got shot?? Oh, wait... no, I guess that's Delko. All I wanted to do was see Calleigh! She can "test my ballistics" any day!!

There were a bunch of people standing around. There were a lot more on the other side of the street.

The guy on the left was like... "MY NECK! MY BACK! MY NECK AND MY BACK!!" (not really, but maybe.)

...and then this cop was talking to the bus driver and he gave me a "Boy, I'm gonna fuck you up if you keep taking pictures like that" look so I got scared and left...

And I rode away wondering what she must be thinking...

77 pictures from my ride to work.
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1014 pictures from Memorial Day Weekend on South Beach!

I took all of these pics from in front of my building. (not counting the shots from the beach)

My favorite pics from the weekend!Collapse )


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569 pictures from the Seattle Supercross!!

The Track

James BUBBA Stewart at the Seattle SX
Hey, look! It"s Bubba!!
James "Bubba" Stewart!
I LOVE BUBBA!!Collapse )

Ricky Carmichael at the Seattle SX
Ricky Carmichael
Ricky Carmichael

This is Chad Reed!
Chad Reed
Chad Reed
Chad Reed

Steve Lamson & Jay Marmont
Steve Lamson & Jay Marmont

Andrew Short
Andrew Short

Broc Hepler
Broc Hepler
Broc Hepler
Broc Hepler

I wonder who Kevin Windham's galoshes sponsor is?
I wonder who Kevin Windham"s galoshes sponsor is?
Kevin Windham
Kevin Windham

Do these pics make me seem obsessed??Collapse )
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384 Pictures from the Orlando Supercross!!

This would have been a cool shot of the "Bubba Scrubba" if JT$ wasn't in the way.

Tyler Evans and Ricky Carmichael

Kim and Travis Pastrana!

David Vuillemin


Bubba winning his heat.

David Vuillemin.

Davi Millsaps.

Ricky Carmichael and Kevin Windham.

Bubba and Tim Ferry.
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I finally got to ride my bike on the trails! Raul picked me up yesterday morning and we met Tracy (I'm sure you remember Raul and Tracy from when their wedding was in Modern Bride magazine a couple of years ago... Page 1, Page 2), Tracy's friend Maria (Who you might remember from New Year's Eve last year.), and Brandon (brandonbeightol) at Markham Park.
Here are 84 pics from Markham Park.

oh hay guess whose bike this is!

No, really! I wasn't even scared at all!!
More pics for those too lazy to click through them!Collapse )
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413 (not so great) pictures from my trip!!

My     10     13 favorite pics from my trip to NYC.
Bitch, I'll smack the chink out of you if you talk to me like that again!!
They were humping 14/100th of a second earlier!
I composed this shot for the fag in all of you. I was like... Is this Angels in America?.
This is supposed to be much darker. Like a silhouette.
Belvedere Castle.
Brooklyn Bridge.
Skyline from Jersey.
Times Square.
Times Square.
Pick a winner!
Statue of Liberty.

I am so disappointed with these pics. I mean, they're either blurry or the colors are way off. I decided that I didn't want to spend the time needed to make each image the best that they can be, so I just ran them through Photoshop as is. the blacks look way too light and they all have a yellow cast. And they seem grainy and blurry at the same time. A lot of them are blurry because I was shivering! Oh well.
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260 (not so great) pictures from my trip!!

My     10     13 favorite pics from my trip to Washington State.
Bubba was too fast for my camera, so this is pretty much the best shot of him that I got.
"I know I've been lapped about 4 times, but do you think you can shoot a few cover shots of me?"
These are the assholes I had to hang out with... Steve, Lisa and Tyler Miller. (Actually, they're pretty rad and I'm glad they're my friends.)
This is the bike I said "I really Rilly R1LLY!!! wanted to win." (remember?)
Tyler just walked up to these guys, grabbed their hands, and started walking with them. I don't think the 2 guys even knew each other!
I drove from Yakima to the farm on Monday night.
Sometimes it sucks to be my Uncle.
Clearly I was not on the beach anymore!
This is probably my favorite picture from my trip. It's just corn (not Korn).
I WOULD!! (I don't know who she is, other than she was the photographer for the reunion.)
Mt. Rainier with Mt. Adams/Hood/Baker/??? in the background.
Something was making a gnarly contrail.
I love Hooters!
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A lot of people have been asking me how my new job is going.
I think this picture explains how it is better than I ever could.
Yes, I"m using a $600 chair as a foot rest. That"s how I bling it these days.
Here are 13 other pics from District Lab.
(The first 2 are actually from Impress.)

You maybe didn't know this, but last Friday Kim, Brandon and I went to Daytona for the Daytona Supercross and to experience Bike Week. It was awesome.
Here are 68 (blurry) pics from Daytona!
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259 pictures from NYC!!

My     10     13 favorite pics from the trip
On our way to Manhattan from Laguardia
Walking to Times Square
Prada store
Tribeca Grand
Tribeca Grand
Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building from the top of the Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty from the top of the Empire State Building
Radio City Music Hall
Central Park
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I have found myself in a bit of a dilemma. I know my family wants me to go home for Christmas, like I usually do, but I am dying to go to New York again and I don't think I can afford to do both. I have flown to Washington State FOUR times, plus a surprise meeting with my parents in Denver since I last went to NYC. Is it unfair of me to forfeit being home for the holidays this year so I can take a trip to the big apple?
Please help me make a decision by taking this poll.
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I'm flying to Seattle tomorrow. Please don't hi-jack/bomb/whatever any of these flights, because I want to live long enough to grow pubes and bone chicks.
Please call 786-299-6176 if you're in the Seattle/Chicago/Denver area and you want to party.

Read more...Collapse )
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38 photos from this weekend!
On Friday Brandon and Kim came down (or "went up to Miami" as Brandon would say, when in all actuality South Beach is nearly due South from where they live.) to go watch Bad Boys II with me. The movie was sold out so instead we had dinner at Big Pink with Chad and Lissette.
After dinner I rode back to West Palm with Kim and Brandon. We didn't really do much that night... Kim went to bed and Brandon and I watched All About the Benjamins. I wanted to show Brandon my friend Gino in the movie, but I fell asleep before his part came on and woke up just as the movie was finishing. I went to bed at about 4:30.
On Saturday morning we went to Best Buy and I got the Bad Boys II soundtrack and the Chingy CD. We went to Brandsmart USA too, to waste some time because Carl and Aggie were running late and wouldn't be at Hooters for Brandon's surprise birthday party for about another 30 minutes. When we got to Hooters Brandon wasn't really paying attention, and when everyone yelled "Surprise!!", he didn't realize it was for him. We ate a lot of buffalo wings... 300 were ordered! Brandon had to stand on his chair while the Hooters girls sang some special birthday song, and a few minutes later, as he was getting up to walk around, Kim told him to sit down so she could get a picture of him. As soon as he sat down one of the Hooters girls walked up from behind him and put a pie in his face. It was pretty funny.
After about an hour or so most of the people migrated over to Kim and Brandon's place. Later in the evening Kim, Brandon, Jean, Patrick and I went bowling. Patrick didn't bowl, and I scored a whopping 77 points! I RULE!! Brandon won with 138 or something like that. Kim and Jean played 986787657645 rounds of Dance Dance Revolution (actually, it was some other DDR type game, but I forget the name of it) and then we went home and had yet another late night swim. I don't know what was up with Jean, but she had to get out of the pool TWICE to dookie!
On Sunday we went to Beau and Sharon's house before heading to Moroso Motorsports Park to check out some CCS motorcycle races with Beau's friends Tim and Maria. It was hot as balls, but I got to see some fast bikes and a couple of beavers. After the races we had a late lunch at R.J. Gator's and then we went back to Kim and Brandon's place.
Brandon and I listened to the last half of the 2nd 250cc moto from Unadilla, where Kevin Windham beat RIcky Carmichael! Ricky hadn't lost an overall in nearly 2 years.
Later in the evening Kim and Brandon brought me home.
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After being slack for a week (actually, I've been rather slack for my whole life), I finally put up the last of the pics from our road trip onto the net.
Understand that each pic represents one day from the trip, and you can see the rest of the shots from that day by clicking on the picture.
The trip was awesome, and I would totally recommend driving across the Unites States to anyone.
Sunday, May, 18, 2003 - Connell, Washington to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Sunday, May, 18, 2003 - Connell, Washington to Coeur d"Alene, Idaho

Monday, May, 19, 2003 - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to West Yellowstone, Montana
Monday, May, 19, 2003 - Coeur d"Alene, Idaho to West Yellowstone, Montana

Tuesday, May 20, 2003 - West Yellowstone, Montana to Custer, South Dakota
Tuesday, May 20, 2003 - West Yellowstone, Montana to Custer, South Dakota

Wednesday, May, 21, 2003 - Custer, South Dakota to Sioux City, Iowa
Wednesday, May, 21, 2003 - Custer, South Dakota to Sioux City, Iowa

Thursday, May, 22, 2003 - Sioux City, Iowa to St. Louis, Missouri
Thursday, May, 22, 2003 - Sioux City, Iowa to St. Louis, Missouri

Friday, May, 23, 2003 - St. Louis, Missouri to Nashville, Tennessee
Friday, May, 23, 2003 -  St. Louis, Missouri to Nashville, Tennessee

Saturday, May, 24, and Sunday, May, 25, 2003 - Nashville, Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia, and then on to Lake Worth, Florida
Saturday, May, 24, and Sunday, May, 25, 2003 -  Nashville, Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia, and then on to Lake Worth, Florida

Monday, May, 26, 2003 - BBQ in Lake Worth
Monday, May, 26, 2003 -  BBQ in Lake Worth
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I guess it's time I start talking about what arguably could be the most outrageous road trip ever!
You see these three stooges? Well, they're driving from Washington State all the way to West Palm Beach. Indeed, Brandon is finally moving to South Florida!
Two weeks from today (May 15th) I'm flying from Miami to Seattle, and then on to Yakima. Sometime after that, either Thursday night, or Friday, I'll head to Othello for a day or two, depending on when I get there. That will give me a chance to see my Grandpa, and Steve Miller, and whatever other friends I can find. On Monday the 19th, Kim, Brandon and his dog will pick me up somewhere near Connell, and the 3 of us will start out on an adventure we're sure to never forget.

Part 1.

Day 1- Washington to West Yellowstone, Montana .
Day's Distance: 675.86 miles
Day's Estimated Time: 12 hours, 38 minutes
Total Distance: 675.86 miles
Total Estimated Time: 12 hours, 38 minutes

Day 2 - West Yellowstone to Custer, South Dakota
Day's Distance: 496.84 miles
Day's Estimated Time: 10 hours, 42 minutes
Total Distance: 1172.7 miles
Total Estimated Time: 23 hours, 20 minutes

Day 3 - Custer to North Sioux City, South Dakota
Day's Distance: 462.57 miles
Day's Estimated Time: 7 hours, 53 minutes
Total Distance: 1635.27 miles
Total Estimated Time: 31 hours, 13 minutes

Part 2.

Day 4 - Sioux City to St. Louis, Missouri
Day's Distance: 536.25 miles
Day's Estimated Time: 8 hours, 42 minutes
Total Distance: 2171.52 miles
Total Estimated Time: 39 hours, 55 minutes

Day 5 - St. Louis to Nashville, Tennessee
Day's Distance: 307.62 miles
Day's Estimated Time: 5 hours, 0 minutes
Total Distance: 2479.14 miles
Total Estimated Time: 44 hours, 55 minutes

Day 6 - Nashville to Atlanta, Georgia
Day's Distance: 247.98 miles
Day's Estimated Time: 4 hours, 3 minutes
Total Distance: 2727.12 miles
Total Estimated Time: 48 hours, 58 minutes

Day 7 - Atlanta to West Palm Beach, Florida
Day's Distance: 629.29 miles
Day's Estimated Time: 10 hours, 16 minutes
Total Distance: 3356.41 miles
Total Estimated Time: 59 hours, 14 minutes

So there you have it... Our tentative plan across the U.S. 3356 Miles! That is one mother of a road trip, if you ask me!
If you know of any "must see" things along that route, or if you know of any great places to stay or eat, or whatever, please leave a comment.
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Being the beaver hound that I am, I found this Apple webcast especially interesting. You see, if you fast forward to about 1 hour, 7 minutes and 14 seconds, you will get a very brief (pun intended) peek up this girl's skirt! I don't know who she is, but I WOULD!!
I love Apple!

Coincidentally, with a little love from Kim, I plan on buying a Dell Inspiron sometime this week.
Dude, I'm getting a Dell!
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08 Apr 2003, 10:58PM
minisurfr: so do you think you'll be able to go?
FANLESS: depends on the day.
minisurfr: i just talked to brandon and he said he didn't want to wait until the 21st
FANLESS: why not?
minisurfr: b/c we're already postponing it and he said he didn't want to wait that long
minisurfr: and he said that you said any time after the 15th would be better
FANLESS: how much am i expected to pitch in for fuel?
minisurfr: he said nothing
FANLESS: how much are you pitching in?
minisurfr: he said he doesn't want me to pay but i'm bringing money and credit card
FANLESS: hang on.
FANLESS: i can get us 2 free nights in Gatlinburg, TN.
FANLESS: actually, I already have the 2 nights.
minisurfr: why 2 nights?
FANLESS: some promotional thing.
FANLESS: http://vacations.summerbayresort.com/
FANLESS: enter code 110 and some bullshit email address.
FANLESS: i wanted to ax you if you thought that was a good deal or not. and if you and dippy wanted to go there with me sometime.
FANLESS: i ain't paying for y'all.
FANLESS: it would be $100 for each of us.
FANLESS: plus we would get the 2 nights in TN for free.
FANLESS: well, kinda "free".
FANLESS: have to listen to them talk about selling us a condo for 90 minutes.
FANLESS: or we can just say fuck that.
FANLESS: it was just something that came up. i thought maybe we could use it.
FANLESS: it's 9 nights for 4 people for $300.
FANLESS: plus the speech.
FANLESS: I will pitch in $100 for fuel if we go this way... http://www.mapquest.com/rtp/route.adp?rtpid=3e939156%2d00218%2d074b3%2d400c2526
FANLESS: of course, we would have to stop someplace between keystone and the Smokey Mountains. And I don't want to spend 2 nights in the smokey's. one night is good for me.
FANLESS: i really only care about west yellowstone and keystone. and if not keystone, then denver instead.
FANLESS: to me, if the first half/third is scenic, then i'm happy.
minisurfr: that trip looks good to me
FANLESS: how about we fly to washington together opn the 14th. direct.. from Miami?
FANLESS: what the fuk?
FANLESS: opn = on
FANLESS: there.
minisurfr: i can do that
minisurfr: wait..how much?
FANLESS: where are we gonna stay after keystone south dakota?
FANLESS: yesterday it was $223.
FANLESS: i didn't check today.
minisurfr: wait...so are you going to do that promotional thing?
minisurfr: if we don't go to the speech thingy, they charge us full price for the hotel stay
FANLESS: what do you think? i'm for it if y'all are. or if not... no biggie.
FANLESS: yeah, i assume so.
minisurfr: i'd rather just find a cheaper place
FANLESS: i have the 2 nights in TN anyways,.
FANLESS: cheaper than free?
minisurfr: you said it was $100
FANLESS: no, that's for something else. I already got the 2 nights... But I can also buy this thing in orlando/ kennedy/coco beach for 4 people for $300.
minisurfr: where are the 2 nights?
FANLESS: Gatlinburg, TN. smokey mountains.
FANLESS: like i said... i don't think i wanna spend 2 nights there.
minisurfr: do you think it's possible to get from SD to TN straight?
minisurfr: like how many hours?
FANLESS: no way.
FANLESS: i think it's 1500 miles.
minisurfr: oh
minisurfr: so let's just stop somewhere in between
minisurfr: like just to sleep
FANLESS: yeah, for sure.
FANLESS: chciago would be the bomb, but it's 900 and something miles from keystone.
FANLESS: so i don't see that happening.
minisurfr: no
minisurfr: like jefferson city
FANLESS: scary.
FANLESS: topeka?
minisurfr: whre's that?
FANLESS: 711 miles from keystone.
minisurfr: ok
minisurfr: day 1..MT
minisurfr: day 2 SC
minisurfr: day3 topeka
minisurfr: day 4 TN
FANLESS: day 5 atlanta?
FANLESS: easy drive from TN.
minisurfr: yeah, just stop by, maybe stay a night
minisurfr: then drive home
FANLESS: sounds good.
FANLESS: jefferson city is 885 miles from keystone.
minisurfr: so topeka is closer
FANLESS: topeka is closer to keystone... but then we have to go 839 miles to get to TN.
minisurfr: so, if we fly over on the 14th
minisurfr: when should we start driving/
FANLESS: saturday?
FANLESS: or monday.
minisurfr: 17th?
FANLESS: yeah.
minisurfr: i was thinking sat. or sun
FANLESS: saturday.
minisurfr: be back by friday
FANLESS: if you want... we can skim TN. i mean.. a=it's only 196 miles to atlanta.
FANLESS: but the again... it might make for a better time in atlanta if we're not so fucked.
FANLESS: cos it would be over 900 miles from topeka.
FANLESS: to atlanta.
minisurfr: if it's that close we should try to make it there and then like just crash in atlanta for 2 days
FANLESS: that's an extra 4 hours of driving.
minisurfr: wake up and then drive straight home
minisurfr: for real?
minisurfr: then keep it how it was
FANLESS: topeka to atlanta is 14 hours.
FANLESS: 863 miles
FANLESS: andrejko says the smokey mountains are very cool.
FANLESS: i'm not too fussed about them.
FANLESS: we can chop one day off... i think... lemme see...
FANLESS: keystone to topeka is 711 miles... 13 hours OR keystone to jefferson city is 885 miles... almost 15 hours. BUT... going from jefferson city to atlanta is only 686 miles... 11 hours and 15 minutes. instead of topeka to atlanta in 14 hours.
FANLESS: so if we go to jefferson city instead of topeka, then getting to atlanta the next day is a lot easier.
FANLESS: but 15 hours is a long day.
minisurfr: yup
minisurfr: and we'll have a trailer
FANLESS: at least it's only 10 hours from atlanta.
FANLESS: to home.
minisurfr: yup
FANLESS: that is so much driving!
FANLESS: i still think that 5-600 miles a day is better.
FANLESS: instead of 700-800+.
minisurfr: brandon was thinking 600 sounds better
FANLESS: yeah, for sure.
minisurfr: that's goign 60 mph for 10 hours
FANLESS: day one is 664 miles.
minisurfr: ok
minisurfr: to west yellowstone, mt
FANLESS: and day 2 is only 544 miles.
FANLESS: but that gives us a bit of time to look.
minisurfr: to keystone, sc
minisurfr: sd
FANLESS: yellowstone to keystone is 544 miles.
FANLESS: then... 711 from keystone to topeka.
FANLESS: which is an ass kicker.
minisurfr: that's ok..every road trip has to have a long day
FANLESS: or 885 miles to jefferson city. but personally, i'd rather stay in kansas.
minisurfr: let's go to topeka
minisurfr: 885 miles is too long
FANLESS: it's either 885 miles to jefferson city, or 863 miles from topeka to atlanta.\
FANLESS: unless we stay in TN.
minisurfr: where's topeka again?
FANLESS: kansas.
FANLESS: the capitol of kansas.
FANLESS: i'm just stoked on the first 2 days. after that... i don't give a fuck.
FANLESS: we can drive to Afghanistan for all i care.
FANLESS: maybe we should find someplace between topeka and atlanta to sleep.
FANLESS: i think that resort is too close to atlanta... but still too far from topeka.
minisurfr: how about nashville?
FANLESS: i don't think so.
FANLESS: way too far.
FANLESS: however, it waould be rad to visit it! and worth the extra miles, to me.
FANLESS: i think we can stay in kansas for free.
minisurfr: get brandon in a chat room
FANLESS: i don't see him.
minisurfr: he's signing on
minisurfr: he's on
FANLESS: $243.
minisurfr: for real?
You left the chat.
09 Apr 2003, 12:06AM
minisurfr has joined this chat.
teamdumbash has joined this chat.
teamdumbash: hi
FANLESS: high?
minisurfr: ok, now we're all here tell brandon the plan now
FANLESS: i was like... why am i passing so much traffic?
FANLESS: day 1.... 644 miles to West Yellowstone.
teamdumbash: ok
FANLESS: Day 2... 544 miles to Mt. Rushmore.
teamdumbash: ok
FANLESS: Day 3... 711 miles to Topeka, or 734 miles to Manhattan Kansas and we stay for free with my family.
FANLESS: OR... day 3 we drive 885 miles to Jefferson Mossuri.
FANLESS: jeffderson city.
FANLESS: whatever.
minisurfr: do you want to visit your family?
FANLESS: i'm down with a free night. but then again... it's MY family, so it's cool if we stay somewhere else.
minisurfr: and if we stay with them, are they going to mind having sadie there?
FANLESS: they're older... like my mom's age. BUT... they got a pool.
FANLESS: i can look into it.
FANLESS: i mean... if y'all don't want me to bother... then i won't. but... free!
minisurfr: so, let's just say day 3 it kansas, either manhattan in a motel or with your family
teamdumbash: true
FANLESS: ok, sounds good.
minisurfr: just double check with sadie
FANLESS: THEN... we gotta decide on day 4.
teamdumbash: I think we should see the fam
minisurfr: what are the options for day 4
FANLESS: wherever in kansas... it's just a few miles difference... to... \
FANLESS: 863 miles to Atlanta.
FANLESS: or...
FANLESS: 839 miles to the Smokey Mountains, where we pretty much stay fro free again. but we have to listen to a 90 minute speech about resotrs/copndos.
minisurfr: no
FANLESS: I got it!!
FANLESS: 676 miles to Nashville!
minisurfr: true!!
minisurfr: brandon's in the kitchen but he'll like that
FANLESS: then just 248 miles to atlanta.
minisurfr: let's do that!!!
FANLESS: for sure!
minisurfr: yeah!!!
teamdumbash: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
FANLESS: then 629 miles to west palm.
teamdumbash: then 3 miles to tri-rail.......he he
FANLESS: this is gona be the shizzel!
minisurfr: LOL
teamdumbash: my nizzel
minisurfr: yeah...we're all going somewhere we wanted to go
FANLESS: and they're a lot easier days.
minisurfr: day 1 west yellowstone
minisurfr: day 2 mt. rushmore
teamdumbash: yeaaaaaaaaaa that is a good trip, now can ya'll pack my stuff for me too
minisurfr: day 3 somewhere in kansas
FANLESS: we could even stay in kansas city, and hit a casino or 2.
minisurfr: day 4 nashville
minisurfr: day 5 atlanta
minisurfr: day 6 home
FANLESS: that's 5 nights... but we'll probably only have to pay for 3.
minisurfr: true
minisurfr: now we just have to find a flight
FANLESS: oh yeah.
teamdumbash: this is great
minisurfr: yup yup
minisurfr: save that itinerary
FANLESS: it's totally gonna be like Beavis and Butthead do America!
minisurfr: and let's go find a flight!
minisurfr: OMG
minisurfr: I'M SCARED
minisurfr: brandon , joy wants to know what you got me for my b-day
FANLESS: my computer has been on for 8 days.
joyoflife24 has joined this chat.
FANLESS: hi joy.
joyoflife24: hi guys!!!!!!
minisurfr: damn excited
minisurfr: are waving ?
minisurfr: are you waving?
joyoflife24: no, but i'm smiling like a dumb ass
FANLESS: dumbasses!
joyoflife24: just kidding
minisurfr: christian...that alaska airlines one is no longer present
FANLESS: i'm smiling too!
teamdumbash: I am going to eat
teamdumbash: me too
FANLESS: that's fuct!
minisurfr: what are you eating??
teamdumbash: I am having hotdogs and refried beans....that's fuct
joyoflife24: i had mcdonalds
minisurfr: yes
FANLESS: hmmm...
teamdumbash: and fish sticks and fries
minisurfr: it says I picked the days and everything
joyoflife24: gross!!!
teamdumbash: yummy to my tummy
minisurfr: but it said "NO ITINERARY IS PRESENT"
joyoflife24: so, when are you guys leaving?
FANLESS: i swear you guys will love yellowstone and rushmore!
minisurfr: Brandon, you're gonna have dumb and dumber kaka again
minisurfr: we need a flight!!
minisurfr: may 14th
minisurfr: we're hopefully flying to washington
joyoflife24: and then?
minisurfr: then leaving on the 17th
minisurfr: day 1 west yellowstone day 2 mt. rushmore
FANLESS: i got the flight. $223 plus taxes.
minisurfr: day 3 somewhere in kansas
joyoflife24: so, you're flying out, and they stay in washington for a few days before you leave, and then leave?
minisurfr: day 4 nashville
minisurfr: day 5 atlanta
minisurfr: day 6 home
joyoflife24: you have to go to memphis!!!!
minisurfr: when are we buying it?
FANLESS: i ain't got no money yet. but i got $225 comning in soon.
joyoflife24: oh my goodness
joyoflife24: make a decision!!!
minisurfr: when???
joyoflife24: whatr happened to brandon?
minisurfr: he's eating
FANLESS: i dunno.
joyoflife24: then he's going to make kaka
FANLESS: kinda depends on Adam.
joyoflife24: huh?
minisurfr: hey christian, do you like bowling for soup?
FANLESS: yes I do.
minisurfr: me too
minisurfr: why doesn't it kinda depend on adam?
FANLESS: this is kinda fuct... it takes 6.5 hours to get to seattle, but only 5.5 to get back to miami.
minisurfr: weird
FANLESS: because i need some files from adam so I can do some web work and then get PAID.
minisurfr: so like when?
minisurfr: this weekend?
minisurfr: i want to buy ti!!!
minisurfr: i'm excited!
FANLESS: i really don't know.
FANLESS: i mean... i'll have a lot of money on the 15th.
minisurfr: did you save that itinerary for the flight and road trip?
minisurfr: the 15th?
FANLESS: but i hope i get this other money before then.
FANLESS: payday is the 15th.
FANLESS: of april.
FANLESS: i never made a trip plan thing.
FANLESS: i mean... not since the one i showed you earlier today.
FANLESS: because the thing gets fucked if i have more than 5 stops.
FANLESS: so really i need to make wo trip plans.
FANLESS: two .
FANLESS: i'm still learning how to type.
minisurfr: damn
FANLESS: i'll do it now.
minisurfr: learn to type or do the plan
teamdumbash has left this chat.
FANLESS: the plan.
minisurfr: joy?
joyoflife24: yes?
minisurfr: what are you doing?
joyoflife24: watching battle of the sexes
FANLESS: http://www.mapquest.com/rtp/route.adp?rtpid=3e93a395%2d0022f%2d0147a%2d400c2548
minisurfr: me too!
joyoflife24: these people are nuts
FANLESS: http://www.mapquest.com/rtp/routetools.adp?rtpid=3e93a44d%2d00277%2d05143%2d400c254c&action=getsaved&name=part2
FANLESS: that's part 1 and part 2 of our trip.
minisurfr: cool
FANLESS: Part 1: 1944.22 Miles - 36 Hours 18 Minutes
joyoflife24: yikes!!!
FANLESS: Part 2: 1553.27 Miles - 25 Hours 24 Minutes
minisurfr: we have to frame the map
FANLESS: yeah.
FANLESS: this si gonna be so fucked up!
minisurfr: lol
FANLESS: I have a few tricks up my sleeve though.
joyoflife24: you better bring air freshener for the car
minisurfr: what are their names?
joyoflife24: hairy armpits that's for sure!
minisurfr: i'm not going to shower the whole trip
FANLESS: I was just gonna say that!!
FANLESS: but then i thought... fuck, i can't do that.
joyoflife24: gross kim!!!
joyoflife24: kim, you can't shower
minisurfr: i mean...i'll use baby wipes on my privates
joyoflife24: chris chin, you can't brush your teeth
FANLESS: fuck that!!
minisurfr: what about brandon
joyoflife24: i'm thinking
minisurfr: he can't use deordorant
FANLESS: i ain't going!
joyoflife24: he has to wear the same underwear the whole way to florida
minisurfr: that's not a challenge!
joyoflife24: and for one of the days he can only wear underwear and no pants so that you guys can smell the funk
FANLESS: gross!
joyoflife24: okay, he has to wear your underwear kim
minisurfr: that's not a challenge either!
teamdumbash has joined this chat.
minisurfr: change the subject
joyoflife24: and i get to pick out the v-string
minisurfr: lol
joyoflife24: lol
minisurfr: and chris chin will have to smell it in west palm
FANLESS: you guys have seriousl problems!
joyoflife24: yea!!!
teamdumbash: Hi I don't feel so good
joyoflife24: no, when you get to vero, the mexican has to put it on his head
minisurfr: really...i wonder why
joyoflife24: make kaka
minisurfr: yeah..make kaka
teamdumbash: I will wait till I get there
teamdumbash: so you two can see it
FANLESS: www.ratemypoo.com
minisurfr: cool!!!
minisurfr: i'm not looking at anyone's shit
joyoflife24: that is sooo gross!!!!
FANLESS: there are some beautys there!
teamdumbash: chris chin has a picture of my poo
minisurfr: yup
joyoflife24: gross!!!
teamdumbash: it is his wallpaper
joyoflife24: gross
FANLESS: not anymore.
teamdumbash: I got a picture of me and kim when I was poo-ing
joyoflife24: okay, when you start driving, someone has to go poo, wipe their ass, and put the tissue paper in the truck and leave it there the whole way
FANLESS: http://www.fanless.com/03/0103/pages/01-03-023.shtml
teamdumbash: I want to I want to ME ME ME ME
FANLESS: gross
teamdumbash: I was pooping he he he he
minisurfr: OMG
minisurfr: THAT'S NASTY
joyoflife24: i dare you!!!!
teamdumbash: ]Hey joy how about when we start we all poo and send the the paper
minisurfr: YEAH!!!
minisurfr: send the poo to joy!!!
FANLESS: i don't wipe.
teamdumbash: chris chin we will all eat corn so she can't tell what one is yours
joyoflife24: gross!!!
minisurfr: i haven't seen corn in my poo yet
joyoflife24: and when you get back i'll rub it in your face!!
FANLESS: it looks like we'll hit 13 states.
teamdumbash: only if you pick out the corn
minisurfr: i'm going to vomit
minisurfr: 13 states!
joyoflife24: i see corn all the time!!
joyoflife24: what are the states
teamdumbash: chris chin see corndogs in his poo
teamdumbash: washington and some others and florida
FANLESS: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Mossurri, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.
FANLESS: wait, maybe not indiana.
FANLESS: so 12.
joyoflife24: put it on channel78
teamdumbash: I need a link to the map
minisurfr: american pie!
FANLESS: damn, and maybe not alabama.
FANLESS: i can't tell.
joyoflife24: are you going to do some sight seeing?
FANLESS: What state is north of Tennessee?
FANLESS: http://www.mapquest.com/rtp/routeoverview.adp?rtpid=3e93a4c5%2d000f6%2d044b7%2d400c254b
teamdumbash: missouri and kentucky
joyoflife24: kentucky is directly north
minisurfr: wow, you guys are smart
minisurfr: i was going to say virginia
teamdumbash: virgina?
FANLESS: Virginia is way east.
minisurfr: i thought oregon and where washington was
FANLESS: Kim... do you wanna go see NFG/Good Charlotte?
teamdumbash: i thought oregon and where washington was ??????
FANLESS: i will pay for your ticket for your birthday.
FANLESS: yeah, waht?
minisurfr: where washington is
minisurfr: when?
FANLESS: May 10th.
minisurfr: but i thought i was getting shoes!
FANLESS: Office Depot Center.
FANLESS: they didn't have your size.
FANLESS: and you wouldn't llike them.
minisurfr: is chad having his b-day that weekend?
FANLESS: no idea.
teamdumbash: where are we having my birthday party
FANLESS: oh...
FANLESS: nevermind.
minisurfr: Well i'll go if chaddy's not doing anything
minisurfr: we're going to washington!
FANLESS: yes... yes we are.
minisurfr: but we'll definitely have a party her!
minisurfr: WASHOUGAL!
teamdumbash: her?????
FANLESS: and my class reunion.
minisurfr: i'm not going
teamdumbash: 25th????
joyoflife24: can i go to washington in july?
teamdumbash: ya
FANLESS: The Washougal race is the 27th.
FANLESS: july 27th.
teamdumbash: that is a good day
minisurfr: JOY GO! and we can look at the hot guys
FANLESS: my class reunion is the following weekend.
minisurfr: it's easier to meet them w/ 2 girls
FANLESS: july 27th is for fags.
teamdumbash: you didn't graduate how can you have a class reunion
joyoflife24: lol
minisurfr: i mean...YOU can look at the hot guys and i'll be your wing man
FANLESS: shit! They like me so much they want me to be there! Seriously!! I didn't even go to school there senior year.
minisurfr: it was a typo
FANLESS: I get joy and brandon mixed up because they have the same icon.
teamdumbash: same Icon????
joyoflife24: huh?
teamdumbash: stop coping me JOY
joyoflife24: no, you stop copying me!!!!!
teamdumbash: sorry I was trying to be cool
FANLESS: look here
minisurfr: doesn't work
joyoflife24: what teh hell is that?
FANLESS: my screen.
FANLESS: click on the picture.
teamdumbash: I see ass
minisurfr: i see nothing
FANLESS: that's because your computer sucks.
joyoflife24: i'm tired
minisurfr: me too
minisurfr: i'm going to go
joyoflife24: i'm going to bed now
joyoflife24: good night everyone
joyoflife24: bye bye
teamdumbash: me too
minisurfr: pleasant hooters everyone
minisurfr: bye bye
teamdumbash: good night
joyoflife24 has left this chat.
teamdumbash: bye bye
FANLESS: later.\\
minisurfr: thanks for planning the trip
minisurfr: bye!!
teamdumbash: thanks you 2 for planning the trip
FANLESS: i'm giving joy and brandon better icons.
FANLESS: no sweat.
teamdumbash: thanks
minisurfr: BYE
minisurfr has left this chat.
FANLESS: now look
FANLESS: that's a good one!
teamdumbash: oh ya I like it
teamdumbash: I getting excited can you beleive I am moving there
teamdumbash: me either
FANLESS: and i keep thinking about it.
FANLESS: like... it's all my fault.
teamdumbash: ya thanks alot
teamdumbash: you made it happen
teamdumbash: but it is a good thing
teamdumbash: I am excited to tan my balls by the pool
teamdumbash: ok dawg I am getting off now, thanks again for working out a good route for the trip
teamdumbash: bye
teamdumbash has left this chat.
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The goatse.cx lawyer has informed us that we need a warning! So.. if you are under the age of 18 or find this photograph offensive, please don"t look at it. Thank you!Collapse )
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So there I am, at work, doing everything I can to avoid actually doing any work, when I get an email from ebay saying there are some new things listed matching my saved search for "primo powerbite". So I check it out and I find this. I'm retarded and can't read, so I email the dude asking what color they actually are, and subtly mention that I hope they are blue. He emails me back and points out that the listing states that they are red, and also mentions that he has a blue pair. And they're 170mm, which is exactly what I want.
You see, ever since my EP got jacked, I've been seriously bummed. Yeah, I have my Pork, Show, Cruiser, and CW, but they don't mean the same thing as that EP. Sometime last year I saw a chrome 1998 Hoffman EP frame/fork kit listed on the Dan's Comp Auction listings and I snatched that bad boy up, post haste! I was happy because I was off to a good start at rebuilding my dream bike. Then I hit a snag... Primo didn't make those cranks in blue anymore, and they were actually hard to find when they were making them. I emailed Primo and asked them if they had any old stock Powerbites in blue and 170mm and they said they did, but I would have to have one of their dealers get them for me. I kinda let it go and decided I would just watch ebay for them. Many months later and I finally found them in a round about way.
So... This dude tells me to call his shop if I want the cranks, so I do. In talking to the guy he says that the shop is Epic BMX & Skate, and at that very moment I'm looking at his shop on my TV, because they're showing it on 54321!
I thought so.
So now I have... Well, soon will have, a frame, forks, stem, bars, grips, brakes, and cranks. All I have left to get is... Um... Pedals, tires, wheels, seat, seat post, seat post clamp, brake levers, detangler, pedals, sprocket, chain, and pegs. At least that's all I can think of. The wheels will be the most expensive part. Probably $200, because I have to have a freecoaster. The rest of the stuff I can probably get for under $300.
And then I'll have my dream bike again!!

An unrelated item of note; Joeh made me get rid of the videoclip of Quinlan's backflip. And in other site news, I changed the "work" link to show my desktop at work, instead of a bunch of retouched images I worked on at work, because the images were not showing up because I didn't pay for that .mac account.
I think I'll try to get more pics linked on my site tonight.
The end.
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In a perfect world, this would be my family.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and that, as much as I want it to be, is not my family.
Fortunately, Zoe loves me more than almost anyone else, and I get to hang out with her a lot. I even got "butterfly kisses", and nobody but nobody gets butterfly kisses from Zoe. Except for Wendy. Which makes sense.
We went to the fair last Thursday. It was fun. That's the 3rd year in a row I've been able to take Zoe to the fair.
I noticed Zoe eying one of the midway games, and I asked her if she wanted to play it. She said yes, of course, so I ponied up the $2 and waited for 3 more people to join in the race. All you had to do was shoot a watergun at the mouth of some animal. We needed one more person to join us, so Christina decided to play. She had tickets, but not money so I loaned her two bucks. Zoe and I did pretty good, but we got beat... By Christina! She let Zoe pick out the prize. At least it wasn't one of the other 2 people that won.
Zoe cried a couple of times because she wasn't allowed to go on some of the rides. It was kind of lame because they wouldn't even let her on the Giant Slide... She's gone on it the past 2 years. First she wanted to go on a twisty slide, and she cried when they said she was too short. I felt really bad when she cried because she was not able to go on the Giant Slide either. Like I said... She's been on it in years past. Luckily, we found a smaller slide, and she got to go on it with Christina. I took Zoe on a couple other rides... A Dragon roller coaster and some other Dragon ride. Andrejko, Christina and I went on the Sky Drop or something like that... You know the one where you sit down and go way high... and then you drop. It was way scarier than I thought it would be. I wish I could have seen my face.
I'm sure we'll go again next year.
I was hella tired that night because the night before, Kim came down from West Palm and Joy and her friend were on their way home from Key West. They all met up at Chad and Carl's and took a taxi to Goddess where I met them. ("them" being Chad, Lissette, Kim, Joy, Joy's friend, Maria, and a couple of other people that I don't know.). I always think it's bullshit to pay $20 just to get into a stupid club. I just... I just don't get it. I don't see the point. I mean, if there was a show going on then I wouldn't mind... Or if it was open bar... But not for "just a club". At least the ladies got in for $10. I bought Kim, Joy, her friend, and myself each a bottle of Heineken... For $28!! Plus a $2 tip. $30 for 4 bottles of beer? That ain't right. I had gotten $50 out of the ATM after work, and it was now gone. It was hotter than my asshole outside, or maybe it was just the humidity... Plus I was wearing pants (rare) and underwear (even more rare) and my hair wasn't working (as usual) so I wasn't in the best of moods. But I tried to get over it because I was out with my friends, and that should never be looked at as a bad thing.
The best thing about the night was Joy's friend. I can't for the life of me remember her name, but she was off the hook! Well, not really... But I liked her a lot. More than Jean, at least. More than any of Joy or Kim's friends. Too bad she had to fly back home early the next morning.
I must have had some crazy vibe going on because 2 of the pics of me from that night came out jacked up! I mean... A double exposure with a digital camera?? Or maybe Joy is a worse photographer than me. But I doubt that is possible.
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177 photos from Bike Week in Daytona!!
This is Tyler Evans. He's cool!!

Kim loves boobs!
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